Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dr.First For The iPhone

With mobile platforms opening up to outside vendors more and more applications can be developed. For medication adherence, eprescribing plays a role - mostly with medication errors, which account for 12% of so of all medication non-adherence. Can you read your MDs handwriting? Dr.First is a great application and now an MD can send the prescription in while speaking to the patient and it will be ready for pick-up by the time the patient gets to the pharmacy. I am also a fan of tablet PCs, where MDs can also access their patients EHR, but I haven't seen any news about them lately.

This is right off the BUSINESS WIRE:
ROCKVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DrFirst™, the leader in electronic prescribing and medication reconciliation services, today announced that physicians will have access to an unparalleled e-prescribing experience on the Apple iPhoneTM through DrFirst’s RcopiaTM e-prescribing system. For the first time, physicians and their staff will be able to perform all of the essential functions of electronic prescribing in real-time on a mobile browser through a WiFi or wireless carrier’s broadband connection.

RcopiaMini is formatted for the smaller screen of today’s mobile devices and allows providers to easily navigate a full-featured version of Rcopia on this exciting new platform. DrFirst designed the application to provide a real-time interaction between physicians, pharmacies, and health plans, so there is no need to update or sync the device.

“Now physicians can quickly, safely, and securely prescribe from anywhere—through the always-on connectivity of the iPhone, the WiFi connection of the iPod Touch, or while seated at the desktop computer in the practice,” said Peter N. Kaufman, Chief Medical Officer of DrFirst, Inc.. “DrFirst’s goal is to ensure that its new web-based, mobile Rcopia experience delivers the same high levels of innovation and usability as the original Web version.”

To be useful to physicians, e-prescribing must be easily and securely accessible. With the addition of the iPhone and iPod Touch, DrFirst provides physicians with a broad set of eprescribing platforms, including Apple, Treo, and HP iPaq handheld devices as well as desktop and tablet systems.

E-prescribing on the iPhone with RcopiaMini allows physicians to provide a higher level of patient service and safety, streamline practice workflows, and save time and money through the efficiency of electronic medication orders, renewals and formulary checking. New prescriptions and renewals are sent electronically to the patient’s retail or mail order pharmacy.

RcopiaMini checks for patient insurance eligibility, formulary, and patient medication history. The application also offers clinical decision support tools to check prescriptions for drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions and appropriate dosing.

Busy doctors, large practices, and health systems require software that is adaptable to the practice workflow and that draws the practice staff into the prescribing process. To meet this need, RcopiaMini is designed to be accessible to all staff members, to be highly configurable and to accommodate workflow features that make it a perfect solution for
groups of any size.

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