Monday, October 20, 2008

AlignMap Betters My Robotic Posts

As has happened in the past, Dr. Showalter from AlignMap has written a better and more thoughtful post about the future of robotic medication adherence assistance than I did last week.

Dr. Showalter's post reminds me (as our emails about blogging have in the past) that I sometimes only "report" what I find, not adding anything of merit with my own thoughts, observations, etc....  Also that I do not add any visuals.

I thank Dr. Showalter for his great additions to my previous two posts regarding medication adherence and healthcare robots, as well as adding a personal real world context for the use of these aids.

He also referenced his own blog post about a Tamagotchi-style Pill Pet reminder that I never saw. It alerts patients when to take their pills and when to go to the MD. If the patient is not adherent, the Pill Pet get sicks and eventually dies. This aids adherence by hopefully making the patient care more about the health of a robotic pet than their own.

I will close with Dr. Showalter's favorite compliance program:

1. RoboCop (Dr. RoboCop to you) presents the healthcare instructions.

2. RoboCop enhances compliance with his trademark line, which also serves as the Program’s slogan: "You have 20 seconds to comply."

Of course it is cooler and has more effect on the AlignMap blog as he has visuals and audio!

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