Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Diabetes in the West Indes

You forget that even in paradise there are chronic diseases and medication adherence is important. To that statement, here is a diabetes program in St. Kitts/Nevis to celebrate World DIabetes Day.

From the Sun St.Kitts/Nevis by Akedia Christopher

The Rotary Club of St. Kitts is hosting a ‘Diabetes Day Camp’ Saturday at the St. Johnson’s Community Center in recognition of World Diabetes Day celebrated today.

President of the club, Leah Sahely, told the SUN in an interview that the event was organised in hope of helping diabetics “find answers to questions about managing this disease.” She added the “disease is serious and we are going to cover all aspects of diabetes.”

The day, as described by the Sahely, is going to consist of breakdown sessions which would enable question and answer segments at the end of each presentation. She added that letters were sent out to health centres and doctors alike asking them to identify patients to participate in the event.

She further mentioned they were presenting educational opportunities by way of lectures, on how to control the disease and “to reinforce the need for compliance.” This, she said, would act as a source of encouragement for diabetics to follow doctors’ orders and also to live healthy lives.

Sahely also mentioned that some of the doctors who will be making presentations include Bichara Sahely who would present an overview of the disease, Cavelle Hobson who would discuss medication availability and consequences of non-compliance and also Dr. Caroline Lawrence who would address cardiovascular complications which can be created and the importance of monitoring the disease .

Earl Clarke is also among the team, according to Sahely, and he is going to speak to the need for exercise and the value of it, along with dietician Magaret Stevens “who is going to talk about eating habits.”

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