Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Always Nice to Be Recognized

It happens to me a lot when I walk down the street, but not for my blog, until now. Dr. Showalter from AlignMap gave me a "shout out" in his blog which you can read at: Just scroll down to his 06.20.07 entry.

He was very complimentary and I thank him for that. He is the authority on Medication Noncompliance and I often read his website for his new findings, articles and studies related to compliance issues.

If you visit the blog, you will see a bit about Ted Nugent - if not, here is a great quote from the Motor City Madman from a CNN interview regarding his take on national healthcare and personal responsibility: If you don’t care about your health, how dare you ask for healthcare.

Eventhough I do not agree with most of Ted Nugent's politics, Dr. Showalter suggested he would be a great celebrity spokesperson for noncompliance. If I recall from his VH1 show, he doesn't take crap or excuses from anyone. I can only imagine him chasing overweight noncompliant diabetics around with his bow, yelling at them to take their medication and lose weight. I would like that.

On another note, Ted has done a lot for underprivileged kids with his camp (like Don Imus whom I do not particularly like either) and he should be lauded for that.

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