Friday, June 20, 2008

1st Blog Birthday

Is this even the right phrase? The anniversary of my first blog post came and went 8 days ago, and I just realized. Since starting this blog, there have been many articles written about medication non-adherence and I have spoken with hundreds of people, educating them about the affects of this pandemic.

Over the past year, the tone of this blog has turned from regurgitating articles I have found, into my own personal views on the healthcare industry and its problems. Thus, I have changed the header, and will continue to write my own thoughts and experiences in this blog, as well as transmit my findings in the world of medication non/adherence - since it is a topic that needs to be addressed every day, until we can reduce the numbers.

1 in 2 patients are non-adherent
$300 Billion annually in unnecessary healthcare costs and lost revenue
84% of patients simple forget
Poor outcomes and higher healthcare costs

This is my mantra. Medication adherence is America's biggest drug problem, but it need not be.

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