Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The eDrugSearch Top 100 Health Blogs and Phrase Cloud

I was watching my Twitter stream and saw a mention of a "phrase cloud" posting of the 883 health and medicine blogs listed by eDrugSearch. I have seen the eDrugSearch Top 100 Health Blogs mentioned before on blogs, but have never really thought the Medication Non-adherence blog would ever get there. Here is the "phrase cloud" of the Top 100.

However, in reading this post and doing some research (thanks Twitter), I see there are actually 883 blogs that are the Top 100 list, so I am going to throw my hat into the ring. A handful of the blogs that I read are in the Top 100, with a handful of the blogs I really like and respect ranging between 300 and 600.

The question is, what does it say about your blog if you have a "high" ranking or no ranking at all? I don't think it discounts what the author has to saw with a "high" ranking, however if a blog is in the top 20, more readers will flock to it, thus keeping the blog's "low" ranking.

eDrugSearch has an algorithm that tracks the "popularity" of your blog based on various other website ranking systems. Here is the outline. If I spend some more time looking into figuring out how to get a higher rank, I might be able to move my number up, but what would be the point? More exposure equals more readers mean that more people will learn about the problems of medication non-adherence and hopefully realize that it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. And that is the point of this blog, right?

I usually think that rankings and reviews should happen organically, however the more I read about blogging and social media, the more I realize there sometimes you need to be a little PR. Also, you have to register to have your blog reviewed, so here I go into the fray.

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