Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Patient 2.0 Blog

A colleague of mine, Emily Stanziale, has started her own blog: Patient 2.0.

This blog chronicles her evolution as a patient in today's modern world, who uses both traditional and holistic methods for achieving better health. As with our Adherence 2.0 model, no patient is the same, and I can obviously say ditto for personal health blogs.

Over the last few months, she has suffered some ailments, and her doctor has had a difficult time deciphering what was wrong. This has lead her to re-examine her PCD's role, and search for answers. She is very honest with what she has been going through and well informed about the industry, as she works in pharma sales.

Please visit her blog to see her unique perspective on her own health, today's healthcare industry and Health 2.0. I hope you enjoy!

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