Monday, September 17, 2007

Insulin Pen

This little blurb from KHTS Radio AM 1220, a Santa Clarita CA radio station. I do not have much to say about this at the moment, other than sounds good! I will look into this some more.

The new insulin pen, which was made available this month, combines the insulin cartridge and syringe in a single unit, making regular use more convenient, which doctors say decreases claims of hypoglycemic episodes, emergency room and physician visits, and overall treatment costs.

“The pen is a huge, huge benefit in the treatment of diabetes,” said Reza Bonabi, M.D., a Diabetalogist and chairman of the diabetes committee at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. “The pen will reduce dosage error, is easy to administer, and will decrease the cost of treatment for both the hospital and patient.”

Won Chan Lee, Ph.D., Abbott Laboratories’ Associates Director of Health Economics, studied the effects of the new device. "As evidenced by the marked improvement in medication adherence rates, patients who switched to the insulin pen found that its convenience and ease of use gave them a new ability to self-manage their condition and a resulting freedom from complications and visits to the emergency room,” Lee said.

“But our study also demonstrated a true 'win-win' situation, for individuals with diabetes and for society as a whole, due to significant decreases in the costs associated with hypoglycemic events — events that can be kept at a manageable level or avoidable, as long as a patient adheres to his or her treatment."

Hospital employees also are less at risk at being pricked by a needle when using the pen to provide insulin to the patients, said Donna Ryan, Diabetes Department Coordinator at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center

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