Monday, September 24, 2007

Rare Blood Disease

On a personal note, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disease this morning. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the disease but will post again later when I know more about it. Perhaps start a new blog. It has something to do with a build up of iron in the blood.

I do not necessarily have this disease, but I have one of the genes that patients of this disease have. My MD mentioned homo and hetero genes - I have one but not two. It is something he wants to monitor every three months or so.

Point being: my doctor said this disease is fatal, but easily treatable - I just have to give a pint of blood twice a year or so.

Thus what should I do? Be non-adherent and DIE, or go to the doctor and extra two times a year and let him take some blood?

Tough question.

If there was two of me - based on the national non-adhrence numbers - one would die and the other would live.

I think I will choose to live.

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