Monday, September 24, 2007

Quotes from Heart and Soul Researcher

Here is a little follow-up to my post on 9.17.07 regarding the Heart and Soul Study. Here are some quotes from the researcher Dr Anil K Gehi from Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA. These quotes are from an article on the website by Lisa Nainggolan 9.24.07:

"We've shown that simply asking the patient whether they were adherent to their medication is a pretty decent way to identify those patients we might need to focus on," Gehi told heartwire.

"The bottom line is that medication nonadherence is a big predictor of adverse cardiovascular outcomes, and we found that the risk associated with nonadherence was equivalent to that associated with diabetes or smoking. Nonadherence is really a big deal that a lot of physicians don't look at carefully, and it's not a difficult thing to find out."

"We have shown that it's not a difficult thing to find out about adherence, but this is something that perhaps physicians overlook. Our study helps emphasize how important it is; then, something can be done about addressing the specific issues relating to adherence with that patient."

Those who are found to be nonadherent can be targeted with a number of approaches; Gehi suggests such strategies as pillboxes, getting family involved in medication, and arranging more frequent follow-up visits.

"Also, sometimes simply explaining to a patient what a pill is for and the importance of that medication can make a big difference.".

Uh, duh? I am greatful that this study was done to show how important medication non-adherence is to the world (also highlighted in the NCPIE study, and the WHO Study, countless articles, and this blog). But again, come on, if you don't take your pills you are not going to be healthy. Plain and Simple.

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